Monday, 19 March 2018

March 19

7C - Lesson on how to solve equations with algebra. Practice questions on pg 238 #1-7. We reviewed the lesson in the afternoon with four more examples then spent the remainder of the class trying to finish the textbook work. Students who were finished early worked on Khan Academy solving equations to reinforce the idea.
8A - We spent the first class finishing up practice questions from Friday on pg 284 #4-19 then in the second class we started solving proportions with ratios. We started practice questions on pg 291 #4-19 and we will continue working on those next class.
8C - No class today.
***** The Math 8 classes may not finish the unit in time to write the unit exam before spring break. In that case, we will write it on April 5 or 6 after spring break.

Friday, 16 March 2018

March 16

8A & 8C : We did a lesson on Comparing Ratios and two examples together which is a continuation of yesterday's classes. Practice questions are pg 284 #4-16. We will finish them up next class.
7C - Wrote the Mid-Unit Test today.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

March 14

7C - We worked on the Mid-Unit Assignment. Students who were finished handed it in. Others will finish it next class.
8A & 8C - Wrote the 5.1-5.4 Quiz today.

March 13

7C - We continued to solve equations with tiles today.
8A & 8C - We worked on our 5.1-5.4 Assignment. There will be a quiz on the same material tomorrow.

Monday, 12 March 2018

March 12

7C - No Math class today.
8A - Worked on the 5.1-5.4 Assignment. Extra time will be given tomorrow to complete it.
8C - Worked on practice questions for 5.4 on pg 260 #4-19.
***8A & 8C will write a Quiz on section 5.1-5.4 on Wednesday.

Friday, 9 March 2018

March 9

7C - We worked on a lesson covering how to solve equations using Integers. We reviewed what the tiles represented, how to remove or add tiles and how to eliminate a zero pair to solve for an unknown zero pair. Practice Questions pg 234-235 #1-7. In the afternoon, we finished up the practice questions and moved on to the 6.3 Worksheet.
8A - We worked hard to get through all of the practice questions for 5.4 pg 260-262 #4-17.
8C - No class today.

March 8

7C - We went over all the equations from the 1.7 Worksheet and solved them then we did a collection of review for section 6.1/6.2 on the board.
8A & 8C - Continued our lesson on 5.4 Sales Tax and Discount. We will do practice questions next class.