Wednesday, 18 October 2017

October 17

7C - We spent our class finishing the Dividing with Decimals assignment. Students who were finished handed it in and those who were not done were welcome to take it home for homework. Tomorrow we will write the Dividing with Decimals Quiz.
8A & 8C - We spent our class ensuring that we were all finished the two multiplying fractions assignments in the textbook. Pg 118 #4-18 and pg 125 #4-16. Tomorrow students will be given a summative assessment on Multiplying Fractions.

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Monday, 16 October 2017

October 16

7C - We worked on an assignment on Dividing Numbers with Decimals. Students will continue on this tomorrow in class then hand it in. There will be a quiz on Dividing with Decimals on Wednesday.
8A - We reviewed how to convert fractions from Mixed to Improper as well as Improper to Mixed. Students continued to practice multiplying fractions on pg 125 #4-16.
8C - We did a couple of questions together on the board multiplying three fractions together by reducing before multiplying. Students continued on last week's assignment from pg 118 #4-18. Many students did not hand in their 3.1/3.2 Modeling assignment. It was marked and added to Power School and some students have a zero if they did not submit it.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Oct 13

7C - No class today.
8A - We looked at multiplying three fractions together and how to do the reducing before multiplying. Started multiplying Mixed Numbers and practice questions on pg 125 #4-6.
8C - Wrote the MIPI and then continued with multiplying fractions on pg 118 #4-18, 20

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October 12

7C - In the morning class we started working on a worksheet that had practice questions for dividing numbers with decimals. I collected them and marked four questions then added it to the gradebook as a formative assessment. In the afternoon, we did our corrections and completed the worksheet.
8C - No math today.
8A - Worked on practice questions on pg 118 #4-18, 20. I handed back work from Unit 1.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

October 11

8A - Started a Lesson on 3.3 Multiplying Fractions without a model. We did five questions on the board as a class then started on pg 118 #4-6. We will continue practicing tomorrow.
8C - Assembly in the North Gym regarding our School Fundraiser. Please support our school by purchasing cookie dough or placing a magazine order.
7C - Continued working on Dividing with Decimals. We did three different questions as a class on the board then started working on an assignment. We did the first two questions as a class then the students were asked to complete the remainder on their own and hand it in.

October 10

7C - We continued practicing division questions with decimals. We worked for two periods on practice questions today and checked our answers in the back of the book. Pg 108 #5, 7, 8, 9ab, 10, 13.
8A & 8C - We spent the first period of the morning getting caught up on any practice questions from last week that were not finished from pg 108 #5-17, 20, pg 113 #5-8, 10-13&15. Then in our second period students finished up a worksheet on Section 3.1&3.2 and handed it in. Anyone not finished was asked to complete it for homework.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Oct 6

7C - Wrote a Multiplication of Decimals Quiz today and handed it in.
8A & 8C - We did a lesson on 3.2 Using Models to Multiply Fractions. There was a short review from gr 7 on a rectangle diagrams. 8As practice questions are pg 113 #5, 6, 7ac. The 8Cs practice questions are #5, 6, 7ac, 8, 11, 13-15. Students should always check their answers in the back of the book.